Fill up to 300 pre-rolled cones per hour!

The 3D printed 9 unit packNpuff is designed to help users efficiently produce pre-rolls containing a specific amount of plant material. The tools that currently exist to efficiently produce pre-rolls are optimized for producing 1g pre-rolls but aren’t ideal for creating pre-rolls with a specific amount of plant material.

The packNpuff was designed to use raw organic hemp 1 ¼ (84mmx26mm) pre-rolled cones. This size was chosen because they produce up to 29% less waste than larger sizes of pre-rolled cones. Raw brand was chosen because of their commitment to environmental responsibility and they are also helping to bring sustainable drinking water to developing countries. Other 1 ¼ (84mmx26mm) pre-rolled cones may work in the packNpuff but we make no promise that they will fit, we recommend using Raw 1 ¼ organic hemp pre-rolled cones.

This 9 unit packNpuff enables users to create 0.2-0.3g pre-rolls much more efficiently than stuffing pre-rolled cones by hand.

Made from sustainable materials (industrially compostable plastic).

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