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No more dealing with half smoked pre-rolls!

No more bulky rolling trays.

Product Includes:
-packNpuff with measuring Guide
-20 Raw Organic Hemp 1 1/4 pre-rolled cones
-One Birch Wood packing tool

This 3D printed tool is the only thing you need to make your own consistent and even burning pre-rolls.
The patent pending funnel system allows you to place your ground plant material directly into the pre-rolled cone. 
The integrated measuring guide enables you to easily create consistent sized pre-rolls that are perfect for your needs. Each line on the measuring guide corresponds to an average amount of plant material and average amount of puffs*.

Line 1=0.15g=6 Puffs
Line 2=0.35g=12 Puffs
Line 3=0.5g=20 Puffs
Line 4=0.7g=28 Puffs
Line 5=0.9g=36 Puffs

*the weight of plant material & amount of puffs at each measuring line depends on the density of the plant material used and the size of puffs taken. 

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love love love

Pack n Puff is such an amazing little invention! Makes stuffing cones fast and easy... they come out flawless everytime!

Pretty, pretty, pretty awesome

So I consider myself a little old school, maybe even a little snobbish when it comes to smoking Js. Only my hand rolled raws would suffice. But after trying the pack n puff I must admit I have been converted. It's way too quick, easy, and convenient to ever go back to hand rolling. I like to roll 2 personal size ones so I'm not worried about holding onto a stank ass roach. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty awesome product!


This is an ingenious product. I'm very happy with it.It makes my life so much easier.I recommend this to anyone who fills their own cones.

Just WOW

The very best cone packer on the market!!!

Nice - Works Great.

Easily produce good looking blunts quickly - sturdy little contraption too.

Seriously Awesome

Perfect rolls every time, and I am terrible at this.