No more dealing with half smoked pre-rolls!

No more bulky rolling trays.

This 3D printed tool is the only thing you need to make your own consistent and even burning pre-rolls.

The patent pending funnel system allows you to place your ground plant material directly into the pre-rolled cone. 

The integrated measuring guide enables you to easily create consistent sized pre-rolls that are perfect for your needs. Each line on the measuring guide corresponds to an average amount of plant material and average amount of puffs*.

Line 1=0.15g=6 Puffs

Line 2=0.35g=12 Puffs

Line 3=0.5g=20 Puffs

Line 4=0.7g=28 Puffs

Line 5=0.9g=36 Puffs

*the weight of plant material & amount of puffs at each measuring line depends on the density of the plant material used and the size of puffs taken. 

Product Includes:

-One single packNPuff with measuring Guide

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